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Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy (QNRT) in Edina

Woman in fieldA unique therapy based on the knowledge that unresolved emotional trauma and life patterns can lead to imbalance, eventually causing to disease. Adverse events can imprint in your brain just as physical events do, causing a change in the neural pathways in the brain.

Who It’s Right for

From head to toe, anywhere in the body can be addressed with Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy or QNRT. This therapy is available at Health & Wellness Center Edina, and nearly anyone can benefit from it.

What to Expect

NRT involves a comprehensive neurological evaluation utilizing lasers,lights and tuning forks to identify and repattern specific adverse events or traumas that have imprinted in the nervous system preventing optimal function or restricting a person from healthy relationships with people or substances. Initial evaluation is about 40 minutes and follow-up sessions are 15-30 minutes.

Why Choose QNRT?

You may be wondering why QNRT is preferable to other forms of health care or therapies. There are several advantages to QNRT:

  • It is gentle and noninvasive
  • It does not involve talk therapy
  • It is simple to understand and follow
  • It does not require prescription medications
  • It is a complement to other forms of health care

Transform Your Life

Reset your response to life’s emotional triggers. Whether past or present, these forms of trauma can take a tremendous toll on your well-being. Contact us today to learn more about Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy Edina!

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