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Brandon Northrop, Health & Wellness Center Edina Massage TherapistBrandon Northrop, CMT

Brandon graduated from Minnesota School of Business for Massage Therapy in 2010.

Brandon has always taken great pride in his craft and has a strong passion for helping others. He specializes in headaches/migraines, neck pain, and increasing range of motion in joints as well as post-surgical scar tissue and mobility.  Brandon understands the challenges of managing pain in day to day life. Recognizing that is very important for him to learn and utilize techniques to best help others struggling with chronic and acute pain, he chose to be trained in a multitude of techniques. He has found that using a combination of techniques such as Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue/Trigger Point Therapy, Sports Rehabilitation, Pre-Natal, Swedish, PNF Stretching, Lymphatic Drainage and Cranio-Sacral he is able to help clients achieve a pain free life.  Brandon has worked in a variety of environments ranging from chronic pain clinics, fitness centers and chiropractic clinics.





Bridgett Erickson, CMT

Teacher, Mama, Artist — Bridgett started teaching yoga in 2005. She fell for meditation as she started motherhood in 2006. She woke up to her calling to thai yoga bodywork and the healing qualities of mandala in 2017. It was a childhood delight, creating pattern and shape, that she lost through the rigor of traditional mathematics. Both studies have enriched her understanding of her personal pleasures and life’s mysteries. Nature. Breath. Space. Embodiment. The internal landscape of a body and the potential expansiveness of our human experience are intertwined in her attention to sacred shapes in the body and in art.


Thai Massage: Assisted stretch, rhythmic massage and applied pressure open the body to reorganized for optimal mobility, improved posture and settling into easeful strength. The experience is on a comfy futon on the floor. Cients can dress for comfort, loose pants and t shirts.

Private Yoga: learn yoga and breathe work to support comfortable realignment of the body and regulation of the nervous system or dive into yoga therapy to apply lifestyle changes to increase harmony in the body. Learn how to live with or lessen pain, ease anxiety or lift depression and find overall wellbeing through quality rest and a focused mind.

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