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Acupuncture in Edina

Applying acupunctureAcupuncture derived from Latin meaning “needle prick” is utilized to improve the overall health of patients by inserting needles into the body at various “points” or locations to achieve the desired effect.

History of Acupuncture

The use of acupuncture can be traced back to over 4000 years ago. It spread through many parts of Asia and India. Currently in the US it is still considered complimentary and alternative, however more and more recognition of its effects is being researched.

The use of disposable stainless steel needles of very fine diameter that are inserted into specific points on the meridians depending upon the goal of treatment, perhaps to reduce pain or inflammation, to help with a constitutional issue such as “liver heat” or to assist in relaxation of muscle tissue.

Acupuncture and Your Body

There are twelve channels or meridians that correspond to and connect internally with one of the organs, such as Heart channel or Bladder channel for example. For example needles placed on the liver or bladder channel are often used to treat joint pain.

The flow of qi or energy through each of the twelve channels comprises of an internal and external pathway which can be stimulated by the specific placement of needles. Wherever qi is restricted in its flow, pain can result. Acupuncture uses needle placement to restore the flow of qi and reduce pain.

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