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New Patient Reviews

Less Pain & Better Posture

I started coming here because of lower back pain. When coming in regularly, I’ve had less pain & better posture. I’ve also received tips for stretches & exercises I can do when I’m at work or at home to help manage my pain in between adjustments. Dr. Franklin & Dr. Parrington’s genuine care & attention to my problem areas has been greatly appreciated & I’ve seen improvements because of it. Additionally, Health & Wellness Center Edina has worked with me financially when I couldn’t afford to pay my bill all at once.

-Ashley M.

Natural And Safe Way To Ease Pregnancy Aches And Pains

Dr. Ashley Parrington was a lifesaver during my pregnancy! I suffered from pregnancy induced hypertension and uncontrollable swelling in my legs and hands. After a few sessions with Dr. Ashley, I could finally start feeling my fingers again and, my blood pressure stabilized. It was nice to have a natural and safe way to ease my pregnancy aches and pains. I don’t know what I would have done without her. She truly was the best!

-Putt B.


I have experienced chiropractic services for spinal incidents in the past, but this is the FIRST TIME I have truly gained results. Dr. Franklin is a superb diagnostician and quite excellent at resolving my issues effectively and efficiently.

-Julie G.

Amazing Job

Dr. Franklin has done an amazing job supporting me during the last two months of my pregnancy. My baby was breech at 35 weeks and she was successfully able to get him to flip after one adjustment. Weekly adjustments have eliminated any lower back and hip pain that I was feeling prior to seeing Dr. Franklin. Office staff are always friendly and helpful. I highly recommend the Heath and Wellness Center in Edina!

-Sarah O.

Very Professional And Helpful

Overall, Dr. Leske and the staff have been very professional and helpful with any questions that I have asked. I have progressively improved, so I’m very happy with my appointments. Glad that I have had such good results. Thank you so much Dr. Leske.

-Susan K.


Completely satisfied.

-Eileen D.

Very Thorough

I received a very thorough initial exam, friendly and easy to communicate with and most of all, a good listener and understanding of my concerns. The massage chair is great!

-Susan H.


Dr. Ashley has been amazing!

-Sharon J.


This was my very first chiropractor visit ever. The staff was kind and doctor was wonderful! So knowledgeable and helpful. The doctor was willing to, and did, go above and beyond. My visit exceeded my expectations.

-Anna M.


This first time was amazing. I didn’t feel rushed, or unimportant. Dr. Scott was very attentive and asked me many questions. The asking of many questions was helpful because I didn’t remember a lot and him asking me more questions helped me remember. I also liked that he took an x-ray of my back so that he could see what was going on before he adjusted me. I look forward to working with Dr. Scott again.

-Stephanie B.

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  1. Rock S. says
    Aug 09, 2016 at 4:32 PM

    As a 6'5", 215 pound male, I have to admit I was uncertain if the referral I received to Dr. Ashley would be practical. However, after numerous sessions with her I have been BLOWN AWAY by the treatment she provides. EVERY time I walk out of her clinic I feel awesome. I've had problems with my knee, both calves, hips, lumbar back and cervical back. She has significantly improved each and every one of those problems.

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